Dauphin County Bail Fund is a non-profit community organization dedicated to freeing our community members from cages and ending the practice of Cash Bail.


Director: Alexander Domingos
Treasurer: Samantha Moore



DCBF will use the following interactive factors to evaluate whether we will assist someone who applies for our help paying bail:

  • Inability to pay bail required, including lack of access to family or community resources;
  • Amount of bail to be paid;
  • Existing support system, such as a family member or case manager who has committed to providing assistance making court dates and/or other forms of support;
  • Risk of victimization in the jail, including but not limited to: gender identity and expression (namely transgender, gender non-conforming or LGBQI people), people with disabilities, and youth or elder status;
  • Special health needs such as pregnancy, chronic medical conditions, HIV-positive status, or ongoing mental health treatment;
  • Dependents or other family members who may be harmed by applicant’s detention, including risk of custody loss or Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) involvement;
  • Immigration status and potential immigration consequences of a criminal conviction.
  • Referral through or connection to established partner organization;
  • Anticipated impact of detention on applicant’s employment, housing, educational attainment, and/or custodial rights;
  • Position in relation to structural violence, community disinvestment, systemic racism, survival, and resistance; and
  • Willingness to assist with raising money to cover any anticipated court costs, fines, or fees that will not be refunded to the bail fund.